Kingdom Builder Board Game | Big Box (2nd Edition)

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Kingdom Builder Big Box: a game by Donald x. Vaccarino. In Kingdom Builder players found their kingdoms and by adjusting their strategy to the many varying scoring conditions, aim to gather the most wealth by the end of game. Contains the Kingdom Builder base game along with the Nomads, Crossroads, Marshlands, and Harvest expansion.
•In Kingdom Builder, the players create their own kingdoms by skillfully building their settlements, aiming to earn the most gold at the end of the game.
•Each game, players will use a random set of Kingdom Builder cards, special actions, and terrain sectors to build the map!
•Kingdom Builder: Big Box ramps up this variability by including all expansions to date, ensuring you'll never play the same game twice!
•Big Box includes the base game along with the four expansions Nomads, Crossroads, Marshlands and Harvest as well as three Queenies (Capitol, Caves and Island).
•2-5 Players | Ages 8+ | 45 Minutes Playing Time

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