Left Right Center: Seinfeld

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A long-time family and party favorite, Left Right Center (LRC) is an easy-to-learn dice game anyone can play and win! Roll the dice, move the tokens. The last player with tokens takes home the prize! In this edition, play with Seinfeld-themed dice, tokens, and travel-friendly tube, making this game a sure bet for fun at your next gathering.
•Head to Tom's Restaurant and enjoy a spirited game with your friends with this collectible Left Right Center dice game featuring Seinfeld TV show theme; great for all ages.
•Left Right Center LRC is a fun and fast-paced dice game where players roll the dice to determine where they pass their chips - the last player with chips is the winner of the center pot.
•A great family dice game perfect for travelling and playing anywhere - everything is self-contained in the package.
•Includes: 3 Dice, 24 Chip Tokens, Rules
•3+ Players | Ages 6+ | 10-15 Min Play Time

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