Lewis & Clark: The Expedition (Second Edition) Board Game

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LEWIS & CLARK: THE EXPEDITION SECOND EDITION - On November 30 1803, the United States purchased Louisiana from Napoleon’s France. Then, the President Thomas Jefferson instructed Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore the ‘‘Wild’’ West. In the game this is the same for you, each player drives his Corps of Discovery from Saint Louis to Fort Clatsop, completed throughout the trip by the Indians and the trappers they met. Your goal? Reach the Pacific Coast first, crossing the United States as in the time of the great explorers Lewis & Clark from East to West.
•Each player leads an expedition across the United States. The goal is to be the first to reach the West Coast. Therefore, Lewis & Clark is a racing game where only the first place counts.
•Each player has Character cards in hand, they form their expedition Team. With these characters cards you can perform actions such as harvesting resources, advancing on the course path or asking Indians for help.
•To be triggered, the action corresponding to a card must be associated with a Force provided either by another card or by Indians. On each turn, a player must perform an action. He can also recruit a new Character and improve his hand of cards.
•Finally, regularly, players will be able to establish their Camp in order to take back the cards already played. But the loading of resources and the number of Indians may eventually result in the loss of the hard-won advance. Resources and Indians management is therefore crucial in the game.
•The game ends immediately as soon as a player brings their Camp to or beyond Fort Clatsop.

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