Lightseekers TCG: Kindred Booster Pack

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Today, there are new races inhabiting Tantos. The colossi may be forgotten, but each of these races have their own struggles, rivalries and legends! For centuries these races have lived in relative peace, but recently everything has started to change. The umbron have arrived. While the umbron may appear to just be evil beings, obsessed with destruction, whispers tell that they are part of some greater, devastating plan. Little do the inhabitants of Tantos know, but the arrival of the umbron will trigger events that unravel the mysteries of the past, create new legends and shape the planet for centuries to come. Now is the time to choose your hero, unleash your elemental powers and battle to decide the future of Tantos!
•12 cards per pack
•Each pack contains 6x commons, 3x uncommons, 1x rare, 1x hero OR combo (of any rarity), 1x foil (of any rarity)
•291 total cards per set
•Ages 13+

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