Lightseekers Kindred TCG: Tech Campaign Deck - Robotic Rumble

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With the average 30 starting Health, along with Superiority in the aggressive Tech Element of Explosive, Gatox is ready to start taking chunks out of your opponent’s Health. This is helped along by Gatox’s Ability which hits in for 3 damage, so long as you have the right invention in play to help him out, in this case a combo buff. Straight out of the box you’ll discover the bonus that Body Morph adds, allowing Gatox’s Ability to be used over the next 3 turns, as well as boosting its damage. There are plenty of great combo buffs that stick around in play, that can be added to the deck, to keep Gatox’s ability live, from the action granting Celerity to the damage boosting Combat Tech Fusion (which has the bonus of increasing Gatox’s Ability damage as well). There’s a couple of other great combos in Kindred that we’re sure will find their way into Gatox decks!
•Leading this band of madcap inventors and their crazy creations is the tyrax, Gatox the Reckless, who is exclusive to this deck.
•Exclusive hero card included
•Use family cards to unlock new strategies
•Collect decks & boosters to expand your collection!
•Includes 36 card deck, 12 card booster, 1x booster card, 2x health counters, and 1x order specific playmat.

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