Lightseekers Awakening: Astral Starter Deck

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Get ready to battle with the Astral Order Starter Pack. Play the Lightseekers official Trading Card Game offline or scan with the Lightseekers video game for augmented reality effects, rewards and in-game abilities. The Starter Pack contains 1 prebuilt deck (36 cards), 1 Booster Pack (9 cards) 1 Tribute Card, 1 Deck storage box, a Playmat with Health Counter, and a Quick Start rules guide. The Astral Order is heavily influenced by the past as well as the future. What is on top of your discard pile and what is coming next from the deck is of great importance.
•1 HERO CARD, 5 COMBO CARDS AND 30 ACTION CARSD: Each deck has 5 exclusive cards that can only be found in these starter deck packs
•1 BOOSTER PACK: Containing another 9 cards that can be used to start building your own custom deck
•EACH STARTER DECK ALSO CONTAINS: Play mat, health counter, the full game rules, deck storage box, trading shield, and a Tribute card
•6 ORDERS TO CHOOSE FROM: Choose from different pre-built decks to match your play style: Dread, Tech, Astral, Storm, Mountain & Nature.
•CUSTOMIZE YOUR DECK & COLLECT THEM ALL!: Acquiring more Hero cards will give you different ability options. Adding Item cards will allow you to play cards across Orders. Picking up new Combo cards will afford you a broader range of powerful attack and defend options.

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