Little Red Riding Hood Board Game


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Le Petit Chaperon Rouge, a.k.a. Little Red Riding Hood, is the fifth entry in Purple Brain Creations' "Tales & Games" series. In one game mode, the players co-operate to try to reach Grandma's house before the wolf can spot them; in the second game mode, one player takes on the role of the wolf.
•A cooperative game for the whole family!
•Work together to help Little Red Riding Hood reach Grandma's cottage before the wolf sticks his nose where it's not welcome!
•Choose from two modes of play: Everyone works together OR one player plays as the Wolf, and the other team plays as Little Red Riding Hood's friends!
•Arrive before Grandma ends up in the wolf's trap!
•1-5 Players | Ages 7+ | 20 Minutes Playing Time

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