Magic: The Gathering 2014 Commander Deck - Built From Scratch

Wizards of the CoastSKU: WOCA8312000004EN

Sale price$39.99


For the first time ever, you can lead your forces with a Planeswalker commander in this exciting multiplayer Magic format. Dominate the battlefield with new combinations of strength and skill. Swarm opponents with mighty creatures and arm yourself with powerful artifacts. But fight wisely, for only one commander will prevail.
•Daretti, Scrap Savant brags that he can build anything out of anything.
•This Planeswalker commander deck is a master artificer.
•He sacrifices trinkets to bring back treasures from the graveyard and cobbles together an army of automatons to crush the opposition.
•Look for all five Magic: The Gathering - Commander decks.
•Ages 13+

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