Magic: The Gathering Double Masters 2022 Draft Booster Pack

Wizards of the CoastSKU: WOCD0649000001

Sale price$19.99


Each Double Masters Draft Booster contains 16 Magic cards and 1 chip/advertisement, with a combination of 2 to 4 rare cards or higher and 3-5 unusual 8-10 and 1 terrain. Two cards of any rarity are traditional metallic. Rare mythical planeswalker with no traditional metallic rim has a chance of showing up in <1% of boosters. me
•16 Magic: The Gathering cards per booster
•2 to 4 rare cards or higher in each booster
•2 traditional metallized cards in each booster
•Earn a double dose of some of the coolest and strongest Magic cards ever made
•Made in the USA

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