Magic: The Gathering Ravnica Allegiance Pre-Release Kit (RANDOM)

Wizards of the CoastSKU: WOCC46380000

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Where does your allegiance fall? Ravnica is all about its guilds. These fan-favorite combinations of two colors represent the group you align yourself with. In Guilds of Ravnica, we got five combinations—and now in Ravnica Allegiance, it's time to get the other five! Azorius. Orzhov. Rakdos. Gruul. Simic. Five guilds, each with its own mechanic and host of cards to get to know. What's the best place to get to learn them? Well, the Prerelease of course! A Prerelease is everyone's first chance to try out a new Magic set—and with five new guilds to investigate, you'll want to be there to check out the action. No matter your skill level or Magic background, the Prerelease is a Magic event you won't want to miss!
•Inside, you'll get five normal Ravnica Allegiance boosters plus a special "seeded" booster.
•This contains one of eight different rares or mythic rares as your Prerelease card, plus a ton of cards to give you a head start on building a two-color deck of that guild.
•There are some themes in the boosters built around the rares/mythic rares that you open (not to mention some mana fixing!) so this should really help your deck fire on all cylinders.
•Ages 13+
•PLEASE NOTE: Your deck will be chosen at random

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