Magic: The Gathering Tempest Booster Box

Wizards of the CoastSKU: WOC16528

Sale price$2,999.99


The dying ship Weatherlight has left the light of Dominaria for the shadow plane of Rath in an attempt to rescue Captain Sisay. There, Gerrard and his crew are challenged by Volrath's ship, Predator, and they encounter wild new forces of magic as they strive to reach Volrath's citadel. There is no calm before the storm. There is only Tempest.
•You can run Tempest by itself or as a standard expansion for Magic: The Gathering. Each player must have a deck to play.
•This display box contains 36 booster packs.
•Each booster contains 15 randomly inserted game cards.
•Made in Belgium
•Ages 13+

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