Magic: The Gathering - Zendikar Rising Set Booster Pack

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Zendikar is back and deadly as ever. Gather a party of adventurers and explore ancient floating ruins in search of forgotten relics. But be careful - the path is fraught with monsters and traps ready to claim the lives of the unwary. Can you find the truth within the ruins and calm the Roil?
•May contain these ZNR cards: 1-313, 380-384.
•Each Set Booster includes 1-4 Rare/Mythic (2: 25%; 3: 3%; 4: <1%), 7-10 Uncommon and Common, 1 Land, and 1 Art cards. One non-art card of any rarity is foil.
•Foil-stamped Signature Art card replaces Art card in 5% of Set Boosters.
•A card from the List included in 25% of Set Boosters.

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