Marvel HeroClix: Secret Wars – Battleworld Fast Forces

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Celebrate the release of Marvel HeroClix: Secret Wars – Battleworld with a new Fast Forces set featuring the Runaways. Get ready to run as The Runaways return to HeroClix with all-new dials and two never-before-clixed Runaways characters in Alex Wilder and Klara Prast! Also find core Runaways characters under their original codenames including Lucy in the Sky, Princess Powerful, Sister Grimm, and Talkback! Once a player already has a Starter Set, a Fast Forces is a great way for them to construct a thematic team and build their collection!
•Officially licensed
•6 Figure Set
•Each figure is 50 points (all six can be played as a 300 points Runaways team)
•Ages 14+

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