Memoir 44: The Battle Map Series II - V1 The Battles of Khalkhin-Gol

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This first installment in the second series of Memoir `44 Battle Maps introduces a campaign of six standard scenarios that can be enhanced with the two pre-printed Breakthrough battles provided in this expansion: The Battles of Khalkhin-Gol. The Battles of Khalkhin-Gol is a series of battles fought along the Halha River (Khalkhin-Gol), on the Soviet-Japanese border, at the very beginning of World War II. The Japanese Sixth Army was facing the Soviet 57th Special Corps, including the Mongolian cavalry. At first, the battles were only short skirmishes, but it soon escalated into open war. The whole campaign lasted five months and ended with a Soviet victory. This expansion also includes six Soviet BA-10 Armored Cars and six Japanese Type 97 Te-Ke tankettes.
•Officially Licensed
•A new expansion for the exciting wargame Memior ‘44
•Introduces six new scenarios that can be played separately or together as a cohesive campaign
•Includes new units for both sides that can be included in the campaigns

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