Merchants Cove - The Oracle

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The Oracle is a 5th player expansion for Merchants Cove. Any merchant can play against any other merchant (including expansion merchants) at any player count (including solo mode)! Behold, the mysterious and marvelous Oracle! What will the runes in the divining dish reveal? Step inside Haggatha's UnFortune Tent to find out. Roll your unique set of runes and write your way to foretelling futures and enchanting talismans. By making accurate predictions of those arriving to town, your shop will buzz with good fortune. Or gaze to the sky to "chart the stars" illuminating the path forward. Skillfully influence your fate and the fates of others, and you'll soon draw massive crowds of customers come to hear their fate. Isaak says "ribbt!" (for those unfamiliar, Isaak the Monofrog is Haggatha's magical one-eyed frog).
•The Oracle is a new merchant you can play as.
•It is centered around a roll & write style game, with a pen, dry-erase board, and custom dice tray.
•Each turn you throw a handful of runes (a coin, bone, voodoo meeple, and dice) into a divided dish, then you record the results on your board in various ways to perform actions - and predict the future!
•NOTE: This is an expansion. Merchants Cove is required to play The Oracle.
•1-4 Players | Ages 14+ | 60-90 Minutes playing time

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