Merchants Cove - The Secret Stash

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The Secret Stash expansion includes all daily unlocked stretch goals from the Kickstarter campaign for Merchants Cove. This expansion brings 4 new sets of Townfolks cards / 11 Rogue cards / 8 Grey goods / 12 scenarios and 12 new challenge cards for solo mode / 12 new corruption cards / 8 new boat setup / 3 cardboard ships / 3 mini expansions (Halls of Plenty, Dragon Island Festival and Faction Leaders)
•As innkeeper Mr. Nasty (of Cavern Tavern fame), you'll need to pour drinks for thirsty customers and make beds for those travelers who are exhausted after a long day at the market.
•Properly preparing your rooms and selecting which drinks to have on tap will be the keys to a full house and fist fulls of profits.
•But be warned, unahppy customers are quick to anger and will inevitably start trouble, tarnishing the establishment's reputation!
•NOTE: this is an expansion. Merchants Cove is required to play The Secret Stash.
•1-4 Players | Ages 14+ | 60-90 Minutes playing time

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