Merchants of Magick: A Set a Watch Tale

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Merchants of Magick is a crunchy roll-and-write set in the Set a Watch world. In Merchants of Magick, you are the owner of a magic item shoppe, crafting items and research­ing spells to sell to the Adventurers of the Watch. Each round 4 polyhedral dice are rolled and you select 2 of them to craft items or research enchantments for your shoppe. As you craft items and research spells, you’ll start stocking items and earn potions that let you manipulate the dice. Adventurers are traveling from shoppe to shoppe so you need to stock the exact items on the order cards in front of you. If you have the exact item an Adventurer is looking for, you earn coin. If you wait too long to fulfill an order, Adventurers will become impatient and visit your competitor next door! After 10 rounds, the player who has earned the most coin is declared the winner.
•In Merchants of Magick, players compete to earn the most Coins before the end of the tenth round.
•Each round, dice are rolled to represent the resources available.
•Players use these resources to craft items and research spells on their shoppe sheets to earn more Coins by stocking their shoppe and fulfilling orders from customers passing by.
•The player with the most Coins at the end of 10 rounds wins!
•1-8 Players | Ages 13+ | 45-60 Minutes Playing Time

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