Mexican Train Deluxe


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Mexican Train Deluxe is a game played with a set of Double Twelve Dominoes. There are words added to the game allowing you to change the course of the game. The object of the game is to play all the dominoes in your hand by playing the dominoes on one of many trains (a line of dominoes).
•COMPLETE SET – 91 tiles dot dominoes + 14 Word Dominoes +1 octagon centerpiece + 9 colored trains + Instructions
•PROFESSIONAL SIZE - Our dominoes measure 2" x 1" x 11/32"
•PREMIUM QUALITY DOMINOES - Our dominoes are made of durable plastic. They stand up easily and do not fall over
•CONVENIENT TIN CASE - Our compact design is easy to take on vacation.
•FUN AND EDUCATIONAL GAME - have fun with this simple game that teaches matching skills, math, and strategy

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