Microfiber Classic Dice Bag with Wyvern Image - 5x8 inches

Easy Roller DiceSKU: easyroller232

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This is the small version of the Easy Roller Dice Company Wyvern dice bag -made from microfiber on both sides, and offering a smooth and durable material for both the interior and exterior. This bag is dual sided. One side is red with a black Wyvern and the other side is black with a red Wyvern. It’s basically 2 dice bags in one! This dice bag will stand open on its own with or without dice inside and the wide mouth of the bag lets you see what’s inside and grab what you need. Heavy double lined drawstring makes it easy to close and seal.
•Reversible - One side is black and the other is red. An opposite colored Wyvern emblem appears on each side
•High Quality: This stand up dice bag is constructed using thick and durable microfiber material that will resist rips and tears while offering a soft feel.
•Fully threaded draw strings allow the bags to easily close tightly and tie if needed. This ensures that your dice won’t spill out everywhere.
•Easy Use: Perfect for gamers, role players, teachers or anyone else that needs high quality dice bags

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