Power Profiles: A Mutants & Masterminds Sourcebook

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With the Mutants & Masterminds rules you can create virtually any power you can imagine, but where to start? Power Profiles answers the question, “How do I create…?” for hundreds of different powers and dozens of different themes. Now you can “shop” through a catalog of pre-created power concepts looking for just the right one to suit the hero or villain you want to create. In this book you'll find over three dozen different Power Profiles, arranged according to theme, from Cold and Fire Powers to Mental and Meta Powers. Each profile features a look at the theme's descriptors and mechanics, important game system effects, and a selection of offensive, defensive, movement, and utility powers. That's over 400 different powers in one book! You'll also find some useful power variants, expanded power extras and flaws, and optional rules for use with your Mutants & Masterminds games, and some guidance on creating and handling more complex or unusual power concepts.
•In this book are more than thirty power types from Air and Armor to Water and Weather, each with some two dozen or more powers described and built in M&M game terms. That's more than seven hundred different ready-to-use powers, all in one book!
•Power Profiles includes something for everyone. Think your ideal hero doesn't have any powers? Think again: Power Profiles includes Luck Powers, Martial Powers, and Talent Powers, special abilities that could all be described as superior training or skill!
•You can find endless ideas for M&M heroes and villains just by turning the pages of Power Profiles and letting your imagination go, and you can point both new and experienced players to just the right section for the hero they want to play.
•Power Profiles includes new power options, extras, flaws, and variants to modify the basic power effects from the Hero's Handbook, so you can create the powers you want. More than just powers, each profile also covers complications associated with those powers, to give your characters added depth and to help you earn hero points in play.
•Power Profiles refines and greatly expands the power options from Mutants & Masterminds, taking its basic effects and turning them into a wealth of options you can choose from. With this book, there's no limit to your power!

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