Mobscenity - The Totally ?$#*@%! Up Party Game

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The most outrageous party game you will ever play - if you play it with the right people. Mobscenity is a simple, yet deliciously horrible card game. Every round, the current Master plays two cards with innocent words (like donkey, clam, crack, punch, chocolate, banana, beaver, cream, spank, blood, swallow, angry, milk, spread, fist, etc.) from their hand and creates a phrase, like The Angry Beaver or The Thrashing Dragon.
•108 cards - enough for 10,000 unique rounds of Mobscenity
•Great for 4+ players who are not your parents
•This game was tested with cute furry animals, they did not understand the game
•Professionally printed, includes game rules and game variations, shrink-wrapped in a custom box
•4-16+ Players | Ages 12+

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