Mr. Potato Head Tots Mini Collectible Mystery Figure

HasbroSKU: HSE9222-blind

Sale price$3.99


It's an unboxing surprise with this peel and reveal experience! Who knows which Mr. Potato Head character will be unwrapped in this adorable collection of tiny taters. Individually wrapped, Each collectible mini potato has its own unique accessories to create a silly and wacky character. The Mr. Potato Head tots figures feature classic plug 'N play that kids love, and each little Tater stores its own parts inside the Potato body. Sized right for little hands, kids will love to display them and mix and mash the parts and pieces. The series includes a CAT, a pancake, a bear, a cowboy, and ice cream cone, and a golden mini figure. Collect them all! Ages 3+.
•Surprise figures: each Mr. Potato Head tots figure is under wraps. Peel away the wrapper and discover the mini figure. (Each figure sold separately, subject to availability)
•Collectible mini figures: which mini figure will show up? Each little Mr. Potato Head Tot figure includes its own unique accessories to complete its look. Find a favorite
•Fun characters: look for a potato cat, a pancake head, a potato bear, a cowboy, and a potato with an ice cream head, and a golden figure. (Each figure sold separately, subject to availability)
•Accessories inside: each mini figure comes with a Mr. Potato Head tots body, arms, a face, and 2 unique accessories. (Each figure sold separately, subject to availability)
•Please note: Item selection is random. Items are in blind packaging. We cannot accept requests for specific items, nor can we accept returns on opened items. You may receive duplicates.

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