Mutants & Masterminds : Paragons

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Paragons is the second campaign setting for the award-winning Mutants & Masterminds RPG. Into a world hauntingly like our own come people with superhuman powers. Are they the next stage of human evolution, the fulfillment of ancient prophecy, agents of supernatural forces or something else entirely? Paragons features a world grappling with the existence of powers beyond human understanding, and what happens when that power is placed in the hands of otherwise ordinary people. How will they change the world? How will you change the world?
•A complete guide to the paranormal, from how the powers of paragons (apparently) work to strange phenomena and their effect on the world.
•Over fifty paranormal characters, usable as allies, adversaries, or supporting cast in your M&M games.
•More than twenty different paranormal factions, from the Church of Jesus Christ, Paragon, to the mysterious Initiative, the mercenary Silber Agency, and the sinister Syndicate.
•Nine complete series frameworks for different types of Paragons games: from gritty investigation to high-powered action.
•All the rules material and options you need to create your setting and run a Paragons series, including guidelines on how the characters can truly change teh world, and how supreme power may change them.

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