Nightmare Before Christmas Merry Madness - An All-Out Game of Frightful Flinging

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Make Christmas out of mayhem in this fast-paced, simultaneous play dice game inspired by Tim Burton’s holiday classic! Jack’s plan to deliver toys to Christmas Town went haywire after his Halloween Town helpers started throwing gifts at each other instead, resulting in Merry Madness! Join Jack, Sally, Zero, Mayor, and Lock, Shock & Barrel in this all-out game of frightful flinging and be the first one to get the presents in Sandy Claws’s bag to win the game.
•This will be the spookiest Christmas ever, and Jack Skellington’s instructions are simple - whack, pound, and glue all the toys together and toss them into Sandy Claws’ Christmas bag! In this game, players race to fling the presents based on the outcome of each dice roll - combinations tell players WHAT item to send flying, HOW MANY of the item to send, and WHERE to send the item. Featuring multiple ways to play for even more mayhem and fun!
•Set up and gameplay are easy - in the first variation, place Sandy Claws’ Christmas bag board in the center and each player takes three dice each and a character player board with evenly-distributed and random items placed on top. Gameplay starts and players roll the dice, taking actions based on the roll - once your board is empty, shout “This is Halloween!” to score the round - first player to earn 3 points wins.
•In another variation, you must roll the dice and gather Christmas toys from other player boards and Sandy Claws’ Christmas bag to complete sets of toys - each complete set of supplies earns you a point - first player to earn 3 points wins.
•Includes: 1 Central board (Sandy Claws’ Christmas bag), 5 Player workbench boards (Zero, Sally, Mayor, Jack, and Lock, Shock, and Barrel), 60 Christmas presents (12 each of 5 items - Zombie Duck, Vampire Teddy, Christmas Wreath, Pumpkin-in-a-box, Snake), 13 Ghoulish Gift scoring tokens, 15 Dice (5 each of 3 dice types), and rules booklet
•3-5 Players | Ages 6+ | 10-15 Minute Play Time

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