No Peace Without Spain Deluxe Edition Board Game

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The game features an easy and intuitive battle system that highlights a unique aspect of this war – team-based battle command, perhaps the most famous example being the extraordinary success achieved by the partnership of two of the war’s most prominent commanders, the Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene of Savoy. The Bourbon cause has talented leaders as well, notably Marshals Villars, Vendome and Berwick. These and other leaders are rated for Tactical and Command capabilities and they significantly influence the course of events. The map stresses the importance of fortresses in a war that was probably the high-point of formal siege warfare. Fortresses in this era rarely held out against a besieger that had the necessary time and manpower to conduct a proper siege, and the game neatly recreates this with a simple siege table that leaves room for unusually stout defenses or quick collapses.
•No Peace Without Spain is a strategic simulation of the bloody battles, epic sieges and political turmoil that embroiled Western Europe for more than a decade to decide the fate of the Spanish throne.
•Will the Habsburgs regain the crown, or will Louis XIV's grandson rule in Madrid?
•Complexity: Moderate (about 4 out of 10)
•Playing Time: About 4 Hours
•Solitaire Suitability: Average due to card driven system

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