Not It ! The CRYPTID Hunters Edition - Dice Tower, Fast Paced Family Game

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It’s the Not It! CRIPTID HUNTERS Edition. Can you spot a card that does not match any of the elements revealed on the 3 dice? When the dice tumble through the Cryptid Tower every player makes a fast and frenzied attempt to find a card from their hand to slam onto the table while shouting "NOT IT!" If you are the last you must keep your card. If you play a wrong card and get caught you must take a penalty. The player who scores the most points is the Cryptid Hunting Champion! Spot the card that does NOT match! Do it fast. Do NOT be last! "
•Can you spot a card that does NOT match when the 3 dice tumble through the Cryptid Dice Tower
•Each dice represents a color, pattern, and character; be quick find the card in your hand that does not match
•But be careful, if you play the wrong card and are caught by the Hunter you must take the penalty
•First player to get rid of all their cards in the frenzy ends the game and scores are tallied; lowest score wins!
•3+ Players | Ages 6+

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