Oh My Goddess Vol 03: Final Exam

Diamond Comic Dist.SKU: STAR16676

Sale price$10.95


This final "remastered" volume restores the "lost" Oh My Goddess! stories, presenting the full early storylines of student Keiichi Morisato's life with Belldandy, an honest-to-goodness, full-on goddess. That wish-come-true was looking pretty good there for awhile with the sweet and beautiful Belldandy - until her sexy sister Urd crashed the party with the intent of helping move her sister's Earthbound love life into the fast lane. But goddesses or no goddesses, Keiichi's daily life goes on, however the mundane motions of daily life tend to take unpredictable twists when supernatural siblings are in the mix! Note: includes material from the previously published 1-555-Goddess.

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