Oh My Goddess! Vol 18: Phantom Racer

Diamond Comic Dist.SKU: FEB040048

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Motorcycle mania has gotten the best of Meguimi, Keiichi Morisato's little sister and college student (and Goddess roommate). Driven to be the best biker around, she decides to test her skill against the Phantom Racer, a ghostly apparition that sometimes appears on a dark stretch of country road. Keiichi and his earthbound-goddess girlfriend, Belldandy, aren't far behind to keep an eye on her, but Meguimi better watch the road, because racing phantoms could get her killed! Meanwhile, at Keiichi's technical school, the cybernetic creations of a nutty professor nicknamed "Dr. Moreau" are trouble waiting to happen. Can Keiichi and Belldandy stop the crazed Doctor from unleashing mechanized mayhem on the unsuspecting college campus? Collecting issues #96-104 of the ongoing series.

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