On Mars: Alien Invasion

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As you begin to establish the first colonies on Mars, you discover that you are not alone in the galaxy… and that you are not welcome anywhere beyond Earth. Play the familiar role of human civilization reaching out to Mars, or play for the other side, fighting to prevent the infectious spread of these beings bent on expanding to every habitable planet in the galaxy!
•This box contains four chapters of a story by Nathan Morse, and each story features a different way to play the game, designed by Vital Lacerda.
•You will play one versus many; completely cooperatively; and even solo if you wish, depending on the chapter.
•Included are four fresh and completely replayable ways to establish colonies On Mars!
•Alien Invasion is an expansion for the game, On Mars. You must have a copy of On Mars to use this expansion.
•1-5 Players | Ages 14+ | 80-150 Minutes Playing Time

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