Pathfinder Spell Cards: Secrets of Magic

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Master every last incantation with Pathfinder Spell Cards: Secrets of Magic! This indispensable spellcasting accessory contains over 400 spell reference cards, spanning every magical tradition and focus spell from Secrets of Magic so you have access to all the game details you need without flipping pages. With Pathfinder Spell Cards, players of any spellcasting class can easily arrange, plan, and manage their spells, whether they're getting ready for a day of adventuring or facing down a monster. Keep all the wonder and magic of Pathfinder at your fingertips, ready to be unleashed!
•Harness the untold potential of magic in your hands!
•This must-have accessory for all spellcasters includes over 200 spell reference cards, covering spells from every tradition and all focus spells from Pathfinder Secrets of Magic.
•These easy-to-use cards give GMs and players all the information they need to unleash arcane devastation upon their foes!

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