Pirates: Featuring Bonnie Lass Board Game

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Capture ships and discover lost places to gain booty and ducats. Band together with other pirates to assemble tough boarding parties and spread fear among the high seas. But beware, pirates do not work for free, they want to be paid for the job or otherwise mutiny might strike. The player who manages their pirates most clever and takes part in successful boarding parties will earn the most ducats and be crowned the winner!
•Great riches await all fearless and brave!
•Bring up ships and discover mystical locations to win ducats and other loot. Team up with fellow pirates to assemble strong boarding crews and spread fear on the high seas.
•But be careful, because pirates don't work for free. They want to be paid for their job, otherwise mutiny threatens.
•Whoever has their pirates under control and successfully boarded them will get the most ducats and win the game!
•3-5 Players | Ages 14+ | 45 Minutes Playing Time

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