Power Grid: Brazil/Spain & Portugal Expansion (Recharged Version)

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Power Grid: Brazil/Spain & Portugal includes two new maps for Power Grid: Recharged or Power Grid. This expansion also includes its own box of the same dimensions as the Power Grid box so you can store your other expansion maps! The Brazil map offers scarce resources and large connection costs for a more challenging game. The Spain & Portugal map introduces a rapid expansion of nuclear and ecological power. Players who want to stay competitive to branch out from fossil fuels.
•Power Grid: The Brazil/Spain & Portugal Expansion offers new challenges with two new maps and this expansion comes in a box so players can store other Power Grid map Expansions of the popular Power Grid game.
•In Brazil, power providers prefer biogas for the production of electricity. Thus, players should consider the garbage power plants as biogasfired power plants and the garbage resources as biogas tanks when playing with the Brazil map.
•In Spain & Portugal, the interests of power production develop in two completely opposite directions: Uranium will be much more important than in other games, however not at the beginning.
•The resource market will not get any new uranium at all during `Step 1`, but the supplies of uranium increase rapidly in `Step 2`. On the other hand, and at the same time, three large wind-power plants come onto the market. This clash of interests is intended!
•2-6 Players | Ages 14+

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