Premium Wood Dice Vault

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These wood dice cases are perfect for storing your dice sets. Separate each die for protection while carrying your most valued dice in style!
•WHAT YOUR DICE SAY ABOUT YOU: Every character, every game and even every roll is unique and you need a set of dice that reflects the situation. Metallic Dice Game is one of the industry leaders making Resin, Stone, Liquid Core, Metal, Hollow and mini dice. If it rolls, we make it.
•SUPPORT YOUR DICE: Like any character, your dice is only as good an the equipment around it! Care for your dice by keeping them in a custom dig bag and keep them on the table by using a dice tray. For those who want to maximize the randomness of the roll, use a dice tower to remove any human variables.
•ROLL WITH CONFIDENCE: Located in the USA, Metallic Dice Games has created various types of dice for all your gaming needs. Take a roll with us!
•Dice not included

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