PRO-Matte Standard Deck Protector Sleeves, 100ct, Red

Ultra ProSKU: up84516

Sale price$8.99


Made with acid-free, non-PVC polypropylene materials, our PRO-Matte Deck Protector® sleeves will keep your cards safe from scratches and wear. The matte finish helps minimize glare during play, while the textured matte back keeps cards from sticking together and provides a smooth shuffle. Each pack includes standard size sleeves, which fit both Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering trading cards. You’ll know it’s Ultra PRO quality when you see the heat transferred holographic stamp.
•PRO-Matte standard size sleeves
•Sized for standard size cards, such as Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering
•Matte finish reduces glare during play
•Made with acid-free, non-PVC polypropylene materials
•Each pack comes with 100 sleeves

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