Puzzle Strike 3rd Edition

Sirlin GamesSKU: SIRPS03

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Puzzle Strike is a card game played with chips instead of cards that simulates a puzzle game. Break gems from your gem pile and send them to your opponents' gem piles while customizing your deck to do bigger and bigger combos!
•You build your deck as you play. You get the fun of combos from collectable card games, but with nothing to collect: this is a complete game in a box.
•No shuffling required! Shake up your chips in your bag instead.
•10 characters to choose from, each with different gameplay. There are over 411 MILLION starting conditions for this game, so it's new every time.
•This Third Edition has improved balance based on tournament play to create even more closely-matched characters with even more varied gameplay.
•2-4 Players | 20 Minutes Playing Time

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