Puzzle Strike: Shadows

Sirlin GamesSKU: SIRPS04

Sale price$49.99


Puzzle Strike is a card game played with chips instead of cards that simulates a puzzle game. Break gems from your gem pile and send them to your opponents' gem piles while customizing your deck to do bigger and bigger combos!
•This shadowy expansion is a standalone deckbuilding game that has everything needed to play inside this box.
•There are 10 new characters and 24 new puzzle chips that you can mix and match with the base game if you want.
•That creates 411 million different starting conditions in this box alone, and over 50 TRILLION if you mix with the base set. It's a new game every time.
•No shuffling required! Shake up your chips in your bag instead.
•2-4 Players | 20 Minutes Playing Time

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