Return to Dark Tower: Azkol's Fortune Pledge, Kickstarter Edition

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KICKSTARTER EDITION (AZKOL'S FORTUNE PLEDGE). An ancient evil has awakened from within these ebon walls, plunging the Four Kingdoms into death and despair. Raise a mighty host of warriors, wield powerful treasures, and rally companions to fight back against the darkness. Return to Dark Tower combines classic adventure and technological wizardry including: 4 hero figures, 4 hero boards, 16 plastic buildings, 24 plastic skulls, 136 cards, 200+ tokens, 3 quest markers, a haggle die, game board, and one mind-blowing Tower - a meticulously engineered, motorized menace of light, sound, and physics.
•KICKSTARTER EDITION: This listing is for the Azkol's Fortune Pledge.
•The Azkol's Fortune Pledge includes the base game, the 'Alliances' Advanced Game Expansion, the 'Dark Horde' Miniatures Pack, the 'The Coffers' Token Upgrade, and all unlocked stretch goals
•The free Return to Dark Tower app is required to play, connecting the Tower to your smart device and generating hundreds of quests, events, battle cards, dungeons, and more
•1-4 Players | Ages 14+ | 90-120 Minutes Playing Time

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