Rhino Hero: Super Battle

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Rhino Hero is back on the job! And this time his superhero friends Giraffe Boy, Big E. and Batguin join him. Together the superheroes build a dizzyingly tall skyscraper. Will they manage to climb up the many levels of the skyscraper? Only if if was built carefully, and the heroes have a steady hand. Don't get ahead of yourself; battles can quickly send you back down to the bottom. Secure the superhero medal and stop the mean, hanging spider monkeys from disturbing you – it's the only way to be the winning superhero!
•Rhino Hero returns, and this time he's not alone! The superhero in training competes with Giraffe Boy, Big E. and Batguin to be the first to climb the wobbly skyscraper. Watch out for the spider monkeys!
•The fun starts with players building a spectacular 3D cardboard skyscraper. Walls of different heights make it extra wobbly. You can even link the towers with bridges.
•If two heroes land on the same floor, it's time for a fight. Use the dice to determine who wins.
•2-4 Players | Ages 5+ | 10-20 Minutes Playing Time

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