Rival Restaurants Board Game - Deluxe Kickstarter Edition

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Rival Restaurants is a chaotic, fast-paced, strategy and negotiating game that pits aspiring restaurant owners against one another as they race to be crowned 'The Wiener!". You'll pick from restaurants with unique play-styles, harness your chef's zany abilities, and use game-changing action cards to eelvate your eatery to gastronomical glory. But watch out! Even though you are neighbors...you are all still RIVAL RESTAURANTS! 2-6 Players | Ages 10+ | 45-60 Minutes Playing Time. The included Deluxe Edition contains the base game, a full set of Acrylic Tokens (coins & garbage), 6 kickstarter exclusive action cards, 8 player party pack, and all unlocked stretch goals!
•Officially Licensed
•Kickstarter Edition, Deluxe Pledge
•Deluxe Edition Includes Base Game, Full Set of Acrylic Tokens, 6x KS Exclusive Action Cards, 8 Player Party Pack, and All Unlocked Stretch Goals
•Players 2-6 | Ages 10+ | 45-60 Minutes Playing Time

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