Rosetta: The Lost Language

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Rosetta: The Lost Language is a co-operative judgement game for two or more players. In the game, players take on the role of experts who try to understand the written language of the author, a player who represents a lost individual, community, or civilization. The author assigns meaning to an inscription that is written in a fictional script, and the experts must figure out what that meaning is. The experts choose a word as a guess, and the author translates it into the given script, informing their understanding of the writing system. This goes back and forth until the experts give a word that is translated into the original inscription. The number of guesses represents a score, with players seeking the lowest score possible.
•Communication game that works over video chat and in the classroom.
•Decipher ancient symbols using creative clues.
•Play and win as a team at the difficulty level of your choice.
•Everything you need to play right in the box.
•Dry-erase markers, large cards, gorgeous art, all in a neat magnetic lid box.

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