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Sanctum is an epic adventure game for 2-4 players, inspired by classic hack-and-slash, monster slaying and loot grabbing video game RPG goodness, converted to a modern board game. As one of the heroes, you will embark upon a quest to rid the land of a demonic invasion, fighting your way through countless enemies and gearing up to face the Lord of Demons himself. The deceptively simple dice throwing mechanic turns out to be a tactical delicacy once you realize that equipping the correct gear is a crucial part of surviving in these hostile lands.
•Inspired by "Hack & Slash" genre of video games.
•Slay monsters to gain loot and level up your hero by receiving gear and increasing your abilities.
•Dice Manipulation
•Build your hero as best as you can to defeat the Demon Lord
•2-4 Players | Ages 12+ | 60-100 Minutes Playing Time

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