SATANIMALS Strategy Card Game

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Build a petting zoo, Sacrifice your visitors, protect your Satanimals and obliterate your rivals. SATANIMALS is a light-hearted, strategic card game where players gather satanic creatures, attract visitors and hire Zoo Keepers to build the ULTIMATE demonic petting zoo.
•A simple card game for kids and adults - Whether you're a seasoned board game enthusiast or a newcomer, SATANIMALS is easy to learn and enjoyable to play with players of all ages.
•Silly charming theme - The colorful and quirky illustrations of SATANIMALS and charming theme add to the overall fun and playful atmosphere of the game.
•Strategic depth - While the game is simple to learn, there are plenty of strategic decisions to make throughout each round, making for a satisfying and engaging gameplay experience.
•Great for groups- Up to 4 players with little down time and constant engaging gameplay, SATANIMALS is a great choice for game night or a get-together with friends and family.
•Lots of Stuff - 127 cards, 2 Painted Wooden Tokens (Eternal Flame + Completed Zoo), 1 Box (with sacrificial pit printed inside!), and of course a Rules sheet!

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