Scotland Yard: Sherlock Holmes Edition

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Scotland Yard needs your help! Professor Moriarty is on the run. He was last spotted escaping in a hot air balloon over the Thames! Use your deductive reasoning to catch him, but be careful... Moriarty is dangerous and concocting more crimes. Find him before it's too late!
•High Quality Components – 1 game board, 29 start cards, 124 tickets, 6 movers, 10 character chips, 6 player boards, 1 travel log with pen and paper, 1 travel log strip, 1 visor, 3 bobby rings, 15 crime scene cards, and instructions!
•Fun for Families and Sherlock Holmes Fans – Enjoyable for all ages (10+) and a hit at family game night. The original “hidden movement” board game promises excitement and suspense!
•Quality You Trust – A beloved, award-winning game, the original Scotland Yard has sold more than 10,000,000 copies worldwide!
•A Wonderful Gift – A great gift for fans of board games, mysteries, and the master detective himself, Sherlock Holmes!
•Easy To Learn – Clear instructions mean you can start playing right away!

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