Scoville Board Game

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You are a pepper grower who believes that the hottest peppers are the best peppers, and your chance to prove it is here at the Scoville Chili Pepper Festival. The festival includes nailbiting pepper auctions, a huge Farmers' Market, incredible prizes for growers who plant the fieriest peppers, and the world famous Scoville Chili Cookoff, where chefs try to scorch their way to victory with the wildest concotions. The festival only lasts one day and the grower that can generate the most heat will take home this year's trophy. Are you ready to feel the burn?
•AUCTION: Bid your hard-earned cash on the peppers you need!
•PLANT: Get those plants growing in the pepper fields! (including the translucent Phantom Pepper)
•HARVEST: Roam the pepper plots, cross-breeding plants to generate hotter and hotter peppers!
•FULFILL: Use your crops to barter at the Farmer's Market, whip up scorching chili recipes, and sell for handfuls of cash...all in the pursuit of blazing heat!
•2-6 Players | Ages 13+ | 60-90 Minutes Playing Time

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