Shadowrun: The Kechibi Code

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The power to shake cities, nations, even corporations is out there, contained in a compact code. What would you do if you could control it? Wield it? Or destroy it? Where would you direct the power? Who would you save, and who would you doom? Shadowrunners are used to reacting and surviving. The larger choices, things like the flow of billions of nuyen, or shifts in the highest levels of power, are usually out of their grasp. But not this time. What will you do if you finally manage to grab it?
•This new plot book features a storyline that moves from the Scotsprawl to Lagos, and then, to St. Louis.
•The Shadowrunners are in pursuit of digital vandals that are going after businesses and major markets.
•This story revolves around a compact code that has the power to disrupt cities, nations, and corporations, and the runners need to figure out who is behind these nefarious schemes and what to do about it.

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