Skulk Hollow Board Game

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​Over generations and generations the ancient woodland of Børe prospered and grew. The world was bestowed with great spirit, which lifted the animals of the land to new heights. Unfortunately, over the years these clans lost touch with the spirit of the land and faction warring developed. The Foxen Kingdom of Skulk Hollow in the South, The spiritual Red Pandas of Cupboard in the North, the Mischievous Mice of Multon in the West, and the colony of Blackheart Bunnies in the East. As skirmishes started breaking out across the continent, lives lost, there was a monstrous shake and then The Great Return. No one quite knows why, but the Guardians have risen - but not the kind, life-giving Guardians of spiritual legend. Dark, ferocious, versions that are now attacking all the kingdoms of the land.
•Experience epic battles with giant guardian meeples and gameplay across 2 boards
•Play as the clever Foxen clan with a unique leader, or 1 of 4 guardians for asymmetric combat
•Choose how to use each card with a wide range of abilities for each character
•Scale the guardian's body on a separate board and plan careful attacks every turn
•2 Players | Ages 8+ | 40 Minutes Playing Time

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