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Small World from Days of Wonder and Asmodee is a zany, light-hearted civilization game in which 2-5 players vie for conquest and control of a board that is simply too small to accommodate them all. Designed by Philippe Keyaerts as a fantasy follow-up to his award-winning Vinci, Small World is inhabited by a cast of characters such as dwarves, wizards, amazons, giants, orcs and even humans; who use their troops to occupy territory and conquer adjacent lands in order to push the other races off the face of the earth. Picking the right combination from the 14 different fantasy races and 20 unique special powers, players rush to expand their empires - often at the expense of weaker neighbors. Yet they must also know when to push their own over-extended civilization into decline and ride a new one to victory! Small World marks the return of the Days of Wonder line of heavily-themed, big-box sized games featuring evocative illustrations, high-quality European components and a compelling, fun theme!
•FANTASY AREA CONTROL: Step into a whimsically crowded fantasy world where players compete for control using dwarves, wizards, amazons, and more. A game where the land is too small for everyone, promoting strategic conquests.
•UNIQUE RACE & POWER COMBOS: Experience endless replayability with 14 different fantasy races and 20 unique special powers. Every game promises new strategies with combinations like Flying Dwarves or Peaceful Ogres.
•STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY: Master the art of empire expansion and timing. Know when to push your civilization to its peak and when to let it decline for a new one to rise to victory. A balance of aggression and decline is key.
•EASY TO LEARN, A CHALLENGE TO MASTER: Small World is accessible for newcomers and challenging for seasoned gamers, offering depth and replayability. Perfect for all types of players seeking various playstyles.
•2-5 Players | Ages 8+ | 30-90 Minutes Playing Time

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