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Welcome to the future, where humanity is under siege from a brutal alien threat known as The Komplex. To defeat them, the pilots of The Forge fly modular spacecraft known as Snap Ships: agile fighters, fast attack craft, armored bombers, and more. Snap Ships Tactics is a strategic miniatures battle game you play with fully customizable ship models. Each player builds a squadron of ships and commands them in tactical combat over a series of rounds. Destroy your opponent's squadron to win - then build new ships and battle again.
•CONSTRUCTIBLE MINIATURES GAME: Design your ship. Build your model. Activate & move. Attack & damage. Battle.
•DESIGN: The Starter Box includes over 100 detailed plastic pieces. The parts you choose matter, adding unique actions to your ship’s control panel. Ships fly and fight differently.
•BUILD: Snap Ships Tactics is based on the Snap Ships toy line with its unique, snap-fit connection system. Ships build quickly and hold tightly.
•UNIQUE: Quick to learn, but with competitive depth, Snap Ships Tactics is for players looking for an innovative spaceship combat experience.
•1-2 Players | Ages 14+ | 30-60 Minutes Playing Time

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