Spectrum Prism Deck Case, Crystal Clear


Sale price$10.99


The Crystal Clear Prism Deck Cases are made of strong, translucent plastic, and have a smooth shell. These boxes hold a deck of cards in a horizontal format, which makes it easy to remove the cards. The boxes have a secure snap closure, and squeeze to open. The fit will not allow the case to open accidentally, so cards stay safe during transport. Sized to hold 100 standard double-sleeved cards, the Prism cases are perfect for a variety of games, from Commander decks for Magic the Gathering, to constructed Flesh and Blood decks. Sturdy and secure, the Prism cases will make a great addition to any ccg fan's arsenal.
•The perfect combination of security and user-friendly fuctionality.
•Sized to hold up to 100 standard double-sleeved gaming cards.
•Comes with a secure snap closure with squeeze-to-open design.
•Measures approximately 4" x 3.19" x 3.13"
•Perfect for organizing gaming decks and matching your favorite card sleeves.

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