Spicy Dice Expansion Set

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You're on fire! Similar to Yahtzee in format, this game comes with a set of 6 colored dice (colors vary, assorted style) and a scorepad. Each die has one red number on it, so between the six dice, all numbers are dotted out once in red. The red number gives you some extra bonuses like doubling a score, or changing that die manually to a different number. You have 10 scoring boxes to fill in every game and must fill one out per turn. The twist is you can roll as many times as you like each turn but you only have 30 rolls max that you can use for the entire game! So are you going for 6's? 3's? A run? Red dice? Following the classic game instructions, you can share one set of dice; or follow the Extra Spicy rules, where each player needs a set. Expansion set is available, with 6 extra dice, available in assorted colors. 1+ players.
•Expansion packs contain 1 set of 6 Spicy Dice.
•This is not a complete game – you’ll need a copy of the main game to play.
•When each player has a set of dice, the game goes faster, and you can play the “Extra Spicy” rules for more challenge.
•PLEASE NOTE: You will receive one set at random, the colors are for reference.

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